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They mock you in the shadows, laugh at your torment, moan at your joy, and scream at your dreams. Instead of hearing Lily's moans, I hear her bloody screams.

I go to the locked room and blowout the last black candle. I walk back to my bedroom and put my ear to the door.

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You may not have introduced them, but you invited them. You may not want to pray to them, but you will scream for them... I write notes to myself to manifest the dark thoughts in my mind. Courage is a word created to make people try to conquer a fear they know will not be gone. Humanity is a nonexistent term to try to glorify Mankind's own accomplishments, but when he expresses his true nature...

Your reflection is allowed to escape, but yet they cannot follow.

only heard about what happens when you try to summon th-" I picked up and threw my cup of coffee at the wall, "You think fear is a fucking joke?! He turns his head towards the hallway and his eyes widen in horror. My mind opens up to new ways of thinking to many diverse things. It taints a man's heart and poisons a women's womb. Courage is a lie, a pitiful lie for an even more pitiful race of pathetic beings.

" My friend was now standing up slowly with both his arms out in front of himself, "N.." "I'll tell you what I call that. you will all scream for them..." My friend is frozen in fear. So many of them and yet, my hand can only write so much. Love is an infection of the chest and the death of the mind. So, they create "courage" to try to fight it, but they will lose.

Eroto-comatose lucidity is a technique of sex magic known best by its formulation by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley in 1912, but which has several variations and is used in a number of ways by different spiritual communities.

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