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In practice that means looking for people who potentially fit the mold—people who seem as if they might be poised to commit a crime even if they have not yet done so.

This leads unavoidably into the gray area of thoughts, intentions, and predispositions—and into the equally murky realm of enticement and entrapment.

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Deery would begin a dialogue, dangling the illicit possibility, gauging how serious her mark was.

There were “players,” those who were just horny and despicable, and there were doers, or at least potential doers, the true bad guys.

One of the many false identities Deery has assumed online is something truly rare, even in this polluted pond—that of a middle-aged mother of two pre-pubescent girls who is offering them up for sex.

Baiting her hook with this forbidden fruit, she would cast the line and wait to see who bit. Men began vying for her attention the minute she logged on, night or day.

The more frightening and reprehensible the threat, the more license and latitude are given to the police.

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