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I stood up, took off her shoes and after a little urging got her up off the lounge and put my arm around her waist and helped her walk back to the sitting room.

As we passed through the sliding door I saw the camera mounted on the tripod, its little blinking light announcing that the entire episode on the balcony was now a part of recorded history.

I paused to turn it off then continued on toward the bedroom.

Kealani headed for the bathroom while I fell back onto the bed.

I put her down on the lounge on her knees and she put her forearms on the cushion and leaned forward as I stood behind her in doggy position. Now fuck me and fill my tight Asian pussy with cum." I pulled my cock back until just the head was inside her and then slowly pushed it back in until it was buried once more in her slippery pink folds.

I began to pick up speed a little at a time until my balls were slapping against her clit with each thrust.

"Stay there." She said over her shoulder and in a few minutes returned naked, with a damp washcloth, which she used to wipe my forehead and face before cleaning up the mess between my legs. "I knew you'd need this; I had cum down both my thighs to my stocking tops".