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Guest stars: Julia Duffy as Martha Harrington, Adrian R'Mante as Esteban Ramirez, Daniel Booko as Kyle, Lee Reherman as the Amputator, James Snyder as Jason Harrington, Lyman Ward as George Harrington Mr.

Moseby, worried that their antics will get him in trouble with the hotel inspector, bribes Zack and Cody with tickets to a baseball game and money for dinner so they will not be at the hotel during the visit.

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Zack and Cody (Dylan and Cole Sprouse), on their first day of school, meet Max and Tapeworm and befriend them.

However, when a cool kid named Drew learns that Zack and Cody live at the Tipton Hotel, he and his friends begin hanging out with the twins, causing them to ignore their real friends. Moseby (Phill Lewis) hires Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) as London's (Brenda Song) tutor to make London keep her grades up, but Maddie instead is helped out by London to get involved with Lance.

Guest stars: Stephanie Hodge as Brianna's mother, Victoria Justice as Rebecca, Lisa Long as Bev, Skyler Samuels as Brianna, Matt Winston as Tim A hotel guest named Jason checks into the Tipton Hotel and Maddie seems to like him very much.

When London invites her and Jason to see a concert, she asks Maddie to play along for one night and act rich.

Guest stars: Adrian R'Mante as Esteban Ramirez, Dennis Bendersky as Tapeworm, Jascha Washington as Drew, Alyson Stoner as Max, Aaron Musicant as Lance Girls check into the Tipton to participate in a beauty pageant.