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Jump to the next platform, turn the 2nd crank and jump to the next platform with a 3rd crank. Instead of continuing on, turn the 3rd crank once again after the platform comes to a rest.Jump back towards the palace and enter the large, bronze door.

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When Eddie lands his first teaching gig at an inner city middle school, he quickly finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sexual education.

Eddie isn't exactly equipped to teach them - he's not exactly experienced romantically.

Aphrodite's Chamber Save and head up the ramp into Aphrodite's Chamber.

Search the left side of the room for two chests with Red Experience Orbs within.

Topografi Kabupaten Tabanan terletak di antara ketinggian 0 – 2.276 m dpl, dengan rincian pada ketinggian 0 – 500 m dpl merupakan wilayah datar dengan kemiringan 2 – 15 %.