Are ritz camera stores liquidating updating linux time

All they had for film was disposable cameras which they were eager to sell me instead of the Neopan and Ilford I'd asked about.

I was the only customer in the store and the display cases were still fully stocked with Canikony equipment.

I have been thinking about a K20D, but I will keep an eye on the price reduction of the K10D as an upgrade to my K100D (non super).

They already had closed many stores across NY State in January and they aren't on the list so the total closings are much more than 300.

It looks like Ritz and Wolf have 12 stores in the immediate area... A lot of them are probably going to get ripped off if they go out like most stores have gone out of business lately.

And I feel bad for the people that are going to go to their stores thinking they're going to get a steal on anything.

They also had 1 K100D Super with kit lens (don't remember the price).