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He wanted the tone of the narrative to feel as close to a documentary as possible.17: How was filming on the road? If felt like a road trip, because it really was one. Then soon after that we'll go in soaking wet, drenched and smelling bad with mud on our feet and drive ten hours.

We were constantly moving forward with the film, and moving forward as people across America.17: Why should Seventeen readers go see ? I think what a lot of young women like about this movie is its protagonist.

Or competing with your fiancée's favorite bedroom toy. See full summary » Stars: Becki Newton, Greg Grunberg, Constance Zimmer, James Macdonald Making a satire out of the entire Late Night Show concept Scotsman Craig Ferguson hosts his show with a robot skeleton and a "horse" as his sidekicks.

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Although Michael and Charlyne may play themselves in the half documentary/half fictional narrative, the two are not a couple off-screen. [Michael and Jake] have a good connection, a good connection. Jake: Whatever city you're in, find a theater and put on a play or shoot a video.

"We're not dating," says Charlyne, "We were always friends, before, during and after. Oh my god." Their comfort with each other is evident from their banter."The rumors are not true about Michael and I." States Jake, "We are just friends.""They did not make out," adds Charlyne. With technology now, you can get a camera for a hundred bucks on your phone. Charlyne: So many people get deals, so many You Tubers get scripts and things made because they're constantly creating things on their own. It was the first time we all hung out together, and so we went on an adventure. In terms of a script, there was only a five page outline.

Stars: Kathryn Morris, Danny Pino, John Finn, Jeremy Ratchford Conan O'Brien and his co-host Andy Richter discuss current news topics and interview celebrities and personalities.

Stars: Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter, Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, Jimmy Vivino While his trailer trash parents teeter on the edge of divorce, Nick Twisp sets his sights on dream girl Sheeni Saunders, hoping that she'll be the one to take away his virginity. is a fun live-action program for young children ages 1 and up.

Stars: Craig Ferguson, Shadoe Stevens, Josh Robert Thompson, Joseph Bolter In this fast-paced original animated comedy, teal-haired D. Danger and her best friend Phillip plan out an another amazing day but get distracted with a challenge to conquer by the world's weirdest abandoned water slide.