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Once you have your hardware ready, you can configure your base station by opening the Apple Airport Utility. The Entry Screen will display any available Wireless Base stations which your computer has found over your network.

You can also just select the default name of the new base station from your Wi-Fi menu if you only have one new base station to configure which will also load up the Airport Utility for you.

Once you select the new base station, the utility will start up the setup assistant and assess your existing network to give you the options on how to best configure your new base station.

Air Port Utility 6 released in 2012, provided a new overhaul of the utility, so in this podcast we will show you how to setup an Apple Wireless Base station, and how to use the Airport Utility, with an overview of its main features.

You will learn how to set up the base station and configure the Network & base station name, and how to add passwords and security to your wireless network.

Firstly, make sure your computer or i OS device has WIFI connect-ability and that WI-FI is turned on, so you can access your new wireless network.