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Are there any cons of online shopping that you, as the consumer, should know about and be aware of?Online shopping offers many distinct advantages, including: Incredible convenience: In comparison to a brick and mortar store with fixed hours, online shoppers can choose any time of the day or night to get on the Web and shop.Social Clout: 781 followers, 17 likes URL: Bragging Rights: exploring the strange world of online dating With a killer title, this blog promises and delivers all the craziness that comes with online dating.

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Social Clout: 51 Google followers, 26 likes URL: Bragging Rights: how NYC guys are making us cynical These two gals have found a clear cause for their blog’s cynicism: the men of New York City.

Posts are funny and relevant, including “All My Exes Live in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up,” and “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Hard.” The content is tightly written with just the right amount of bitter flavor.

If you're buying a clothing item, you don't have the ability to feel the material, try it on, and see how it's made.

Unless you know your measurements and are familiar with the brand of clothing offered, this could end up being a bad experience.

Jillian shares her wild ride with readers and is unapologetic and no-holds-barred about love, sex and romance.