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Skeptically, Lisa placed the disc into her rarely used DVD player.The reason for trying out the new experience came at the advice of her friend at work, Julia.

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The vulnerable mother's first thought was that she couldn't believe she forgot to close the curtain completely.

She stared at her son, who was standing in the only visible gap of sliding door, in between the mostly closed curtain and the wall.

Lisa was horrified by the idea of her young son touching his hard cock to the scene of her masturbating, but since she was rapidly approaching climax, Lisa was already too far along to be able to stop herself. With each passing second, Lisa went deeper into the vicious loop of becoming more horrified yet more aroused.

The horror came from the recognition that her son was ogling her while she masturbated and that she wasn't stopping.

She wondered how the events that just transpired would affect her relationship with her son, she wondered how she could possibly explain herself, and she wondered why his phone was in his hand.