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The reason for those provisions is that a potential loophole was plugged in the erg-writing process .. There is a somewhat new wrinkle on the definition of lease expenditures. .rather than use regs to determine what is out, we will be asking for the aigthority to promulgate regs spelling out what is deductible.

_; Original Message From: Robert Dillon To: Balash, Joseph R (GOV) Sent: Tue Oct 02 2007 Subject: Dillon Good morning.

As part of their course of Biblical studies they also get one year of Christian counseling at the school.

On the brighter side, he identified five or six villages where some light and hope are shining- -Hooper Bay, Scammon Bay, Noatak, Unalakleet, Kiana, to name a few.

PRA GSP01 0006121 The draft bill codifies the principles set out in the Governor's September 4, 2007, ACES announcement.