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Friday Night Lights displays the stress that the town gives the high school players to win, and the hope that the team gives to a small town, and how a team has its low points, its high points, and how they come together as a team on their way to victory.

The uniforms and some football footage were taken (mixed with the taped footage to create the game action) from the Pflugerville Panthers, with one real-life Pflugerville player claiming the show to be a "huge distraction" when he was interviewed during the first season.

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When Minka Kelly auditioned for the role of Lyla, director Pete Berg told her to do it as if she was on heroin.

After she read a scene, he looked at her and said, "No, no, no, that's coke."28.

Berg was in attendance at the football game where Edwards broke his neck.35.

Porter never had the opportunity to meet the person his character was based on, but he met his father.36.

If they could keep up with Riggins, they got the part.20. Before filming began, Chandler and Britton decided to drive from Los Angeles to Austin together to get to know one another. Before Friday Night Lights, Porter was offered the role as an understudy on a Disney musical but didn't take the part because he couldn't get a clause in his contract saying he could leave for a TV role.26.