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i don't find using physical force to defend myself and the people i love ridiculous or unreasonable. Therefor i don't find the idea of someone else doing it ridiculous, esp not someone who is capable of it and shows tendencies for same. Just the fact that Seger shoved Sarah right in the face in a fit of frustration is proof that violence can easily escalate.

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Sure, Abby was at the right place at the right time, but come on, that pass from Pinoe was perfect. She was practically dead on her feet from exhausting so making sure that she was in that spot was well done, but IMO that goal was all Rapinoe. The play could have gone wrong at any step and they all stepped up beautifully by each doing what they are best at and with lady luck smiling on them.

I can't imagine the amount of pressure every player that touched that ball must have felt at that particular moment, they knew it was their last chance.

"To make a party for something that I think of as normal, for me, that just didn't seem authentic.

I wanted it to be as normal as possible." While I understand her feelings, we still need public LGBT role models.

That has not always been the easiest thing to manage." But as her fourth World Cup nears, Wambach said, "I'm finally feeling like I'm having fun again." She will turn 35 next week and is one of two open lesbians on the U. This was meant, in part, Wambach said, to show that a same-sex marriage could be as typical and routine as a heterosexual one, a private ceremony and commitment with no mandate for a grand public announcement.