5 methods of dating objects

For example:// Another way to get an ISO8601 formatted string/**On my local machine this results in: 2013-03-01T 2013-03-01T 0100Both of these strings are valid ISO8601 datetime strings, but the latter is not accepted by the constructor of Java Script's date object on i Phone.(Possibly other browsers as well)*/ It isn't obvious from the above, but you can insert a letter of the alphabet directly into the date string by escaping it with a backslash in the format string.

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"THE OBJECT IS THE SAME" : "OBJECTS ARE DIFFERENT"; so a datetime object is mutable (Editors note: PHP 5.5 adds Date Time Immutable which does not modify the original object, instead creating a new instance.) Note that the ISO8601 constant will not correctly parse all possible ISO8601 compliant formats, as it does not support fractional seconds.

If you need to be strictly compliant to that standard you will have to write your own format.

It’s basically because of the Uncertainty Principle that you’ll hear about how quantum mechanics predicts that “particles have some small chance of jumping across the universe (position uncertainty)”, or “there’s some possibility that all the atoms in a book will suddenly start moving and it’ll jump off the shelf (velocity uncertainty)”.

And in fact, if you apply Schrödinger’s equation directly (which essentially describes how quantum wave functions change with time), it does seem as through there should be no problems with things suddenly jumping around.

For example, they imply that there’s nothing special about light speed, and you can totally go faster.

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